LVE Products

LVE, Lotte Versalis Elastomers, born in 2013, has headquarter in Seoul and production plant at Yeosu in South Korea. LVE is a joint venture 50:50 between Lotte, the most important Korean chemical company and Versalis (Eni), Italian chemical company, leader in Elastomers business.

LVE supplies Asia Market for Tyre and Automotive industries.
The company produces well known products like Solution Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SSBR) in batch and continuous technology, Polibutadiene Rubber (Br) and Ethylene-Propylene Rubber (EPDM) by Ziegler –Natta catalysis, adopting Versalis proprietary technology as well as Lotte Chemical raw materials and industrial services. The production plant in Yeosu has nameplate capacity of 200 kton/year 

LVE portfolio includes:

  • Europrene® K, SSBR elastomers, Sol R grades are successfully used in compounds for ‘green’ tyres, while Sol B grades are broadly used in adhesives, bitumen and ABS modification.
  • Dutral® K, EP(D)M elastomers for automotive weather strips, cables, hoses, polymers and oil viscosity modifiers.
  • Intene® K low –cis BR elastomers is widely used for all types of tyres and HIPS manufacturing.

For further information: info.product@lvelastomers.com.