About us

We are Eni's chemical company, committed to a sustainable and circular chemical industry to create value for stakeholders and contribute to the energy transition.


We are Eni's chemical company. We operate at a national and international level in the base chemicals and intermediates, plastics, rubbers, chemistry from renewable and we are committed to developing technologies for polymer recycling. As part of Eni's broader commitment to the energy transition, we are focused on being a fully sustainable and diversified chemical company capable of generating value for all stakeholders and contributing to achieving the aim of carbon neutrality.

We interact with the markets through a broad and constantly evolving portfolio of products for numerous application sectors, thanks to an extensive range of proprietary technologies and continuous R&D activity.

In terms of commercialisation, we are able to rely on an extensive global distribution network and after-sales customer service.

In 2021, we finalised the acquisition of Finproject, a leading company in specialised polymer applications. This transaction allowed us to create value by integrating Finproject's positioning on the market of high value-added applications with our technological and industrial leadership.

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