We base our activities on the integration of sustainability principles in the management of industrial processes and products throughout the entire life cycle.



Guided by attention to people and local communities

Versalis aims to provide products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers while operating in a way that respects the environment, workers and the communities that host out plants. 

By leveraging our know-how, we develop existing and new technologies to reduce the direct emissions of processes. Through our projects, we promote solutions for the sustainability of the chemical industry’s supply chain: we strongly believe in the development of the circular economy and chemistry from renewables as as drivers for decarbonisation, and competitiveness.

We promote dialogue with the communities and territories that host our plants in order to create shared value with all local stakeholders and spur the continuous improvement of our activities, the achievement of our sustainability objectives and the Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.


Towards Net Zero by 2050

We want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move to a low-emission business model, thus contributing to a more sustainable future.


Circular economy

We develop innovative process and product solutions to achieve our circularity objectives.


Chemistry from renewables

We start from alternative and renewable sources to offer sustainable products with a view to decarbonisation.

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