Health, safety and the environment

Our priorities are the health and safety of people and the protection of the communities where we operate.

We promote behaviour suitable to ensure an ever higher level of safeguarding of the health of people and surrounding communities and protecting the environment in which Versalis operates at all levels of the organization. In fact, one of our objectives is to guarantee operational management based on the precautionary principle to ensure the prevention, management and control of risks.

Our commitment to health, safety and the environment (HSE) in our activities in Italy and worldwide plays a key role in:

  • defining the business strategy in order to ensure its sustainability
  • the complexity of the regulatory and technical framework at national and international level
  • strong cross-functionality and impact on all operating and management activities

We continue to pursue sustainable development through the adoption of strict monitoring procedures and systems involving all business areas, in accordance with the guiding principles of our Responsible Care programme.


Our management system for Social Responsibility

We seek to reconcile the achievement of business efficiency with respect for the principles of sustainable development. 

In the presence of an increasingly competitive global market, we pay attention to social impacts in particular.

This is why we decided to implement an integrated management system, in accordance with the SA8000 international standard on corporate social responsibility, which allows us to pay particular attention to all social aspects within our work and to structure the promotion of continuous improvement of workers' conditions.

All Versalis operating units have acquired certification of their environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 standard, their health and safety management system according to the ISO 45001 standard, and certification of the adequacy of their management system, the Responsible Care programme.

Our system to measure quality and manage Asset Integrity

We have adopted a quality management system as a way of being and operating and as a strategic tool for overall company management.

Implemented in compliance with ISO 9001:2015, our system provides evidence of the quest for continuous improvement of performance, integration and efficiency of organizational processes. All our activities are certified by internationally accredited independent third-party bodies.

The ability of our production plants to efficiently perform functions to achieve business objectives while safeguarding peoples' safety, the environment and the reputation of the company throughout the life of the same is defined as Asset Integrity.

With the aim of ensuring this type of capability, Versalis has equipped itself with a management system known as Asset Integrity Management System, which deals with all phases, from initial concept and design (Design Integrity), procurement, construction, installation and testing (Technical Integrity) to operational management and divestiture (Operating Integrity).

What are the benefits of an effective and efficient Asset Integrity Management System?

  • to guarantee process safety, which is the result of the correct management of assets during their life cycle, through the proactive identification, assessment, prevention and mitigation of operational risks that could result from process and equipment malfunctions
  • increased reliability and availability of the asset's systems and subsystems
  • to optimise inspection and maintenance activities
  • to minimise the total cost of ownership and maximise value creation from the asset
  • to ensure efficient and effective use of resources by pursuing the integrity and extension of asset life while safeguarding health, safety, the environment and corporate reputation

Eni has established a corporate function to assess how assets are managed within individual business lines.

These assessments have been positively conducted at the Priolo, Brindisi and Porto Marghera production sites and will be extended over the years to the other production sites.


Product Stewardship

We apply the principles of responsible management of health, safety and environmental protection to our products, in line with the fundamentals of Responsible Care. These are the fundamental elements of Product Stewardship that allow our products to be safe and not pose a danger to people or the environment when used responsibly.

We apply this commitment in compliance with the regulatory requirements governing chemicals and their many end-uses as a response to the growing demand for transparency from all stakeholders.

The production processes and formulations of Versalis products are also constantly reviewed against the backdrop of scientific developments and adjusted in accordance with regulatory updates to achieve ever greater safety for our customers and end users.

For more information: product.stewardship@versalis.eni.com.

Underlying the development of a responsible, competitive and sustainable chemical industry are the principles and objectives of the European REACH, CLP, PIC, BpR regulations and the relevant national regulations.

We share the principles behind these objectives and ensure that our products comply with the regulations in force in the destination countries, also taking into account the applications for which they have been designed. The most important examples of application fields are the food packaging, automotive, construction, electrical-electronic, pharmaceutical and medical devices, cosmetics and toy sectors.

Our objective is not only to comply with the regulations, but we strive every day to improve their application efficiently and effectively throughout the product supply chain.

We are also aware that our stakeholders are an asset and we have therefore equipped ourselves with an extensive, structured and efficient system of communication with suppliers and customers. The support we provide covers topics such as the provision of suitability declarations and product certifications, but also Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for each product in compliance with the European standard set by the REACH Regulation.

For more information on Safety Data Sheets (SDS), our experts are always available at SDS.Versalis@versalis.eni.com.

Digital innovation also helps: Versalis has developed an IT platform dedicated to the management of chemical products and their safe use, also equipped with an external interface capable of providing, in a transparent and immediate manner, all the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for its products.

This was possible thanks to intensive and continuous teamwork involving all business functions up to top management.


Operation Clean Sweep, our commitment to the sea

We are also involved in the implementation of a voluntary international programme, Operation Clean Sweep, promoted in Europe by Plastics Europe. The objective is to prevent and reduce the loss of plastic granules into the environment along the entire value chain, achieving Zero Pellet Loss (ZPL).

The programme was created to overcome the issue that has been identified as one of the sources of microplastic pollution in the sea and involves plastics manufacturers, processors and distributors, logistics and recycling companies.

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Responsible Care (EN)

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Quality Policy

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