Our network of external collaborations

We develop synergies by enhancing different competences with a view to creating supply chains.

We build synergies with the aim of ‘creating a value chain'

Our R&D relies on Eni's strong in-house expertise but also relies on external expertise and is active in various communities of practice, scientific associations and international conferences.

Versalis can count on an extensive network of collaborations and joint development activities with:

  • industrial partners
  • university groups
  • research institutes

Thanks to the synergy of knowledge and interests with partners, with a view to ‘creating a value chain', we are constantly expanding our research models, accelerating the achievement of the company objectives, especially in the area of energy transition.

We have established research collaborations with leading Italian universities and research centres including:

  • contracts for technical-scientific activities with the main Universities, Departments and National Centers of Excellence
  • definition of Framework Agreements, in collaboration with Eni, with the main Italian Universities, Departments and National Centers of Excellence
  • three-year PhD programs with the Departments of National Universities
  • various curricular internships

Collaboration with the academic world is also developed through training activities, coordinated by Eni Academy. Our experts from the Research and Development department have given presentations at Italian and European technical seminars 

We enhance licensing activities, for a network that makes a difference

An element of great strategic importance for the enhancement of our intellectual assets and know-how developed in the different business areas is the technology licensing activity.

The technologies we license cover all business areas and have, in most cases, solid references in our production plants. This allows us to offer to customers tangible guarantees in terms of reliability by ensuring that they can benefit from the latest technology as well as additional commercial and technical support services.

From this perspective, licensing enhances and strengthens our positioning of technological excellence, and becomes a driver for international development through targeted partnerships.

In addition, competitiveness from a technological point of view with the best solutions available on the market represents a stimulus for product and process innovation, positively reflecting on the long-term sustainability of our business offer.