Cookie Policy

When the User visits (‘Site’) or uses the services, tools or online systems provided by it (‘Services’), Versalis S.p.A. (the ‘Company’) and the suppliers authorised by it may use cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies to ensure the operation of the Website and the Services, to improve their performance, to offer additional functions and to direct targeted advertising or advertising in line with the User’s interests, in compliance with the conditions laid down by the relevant regulations.

The objective of this cookie policy is to provide the User with a guide to understanding what cookies, including web beacons and similar technologies, are, how and why they are used, what rights the User has and what choices the User can make with respect to the use of cookies.

1.   What are cookies, web beacons and similar technologies?

Cookies: small strings of text (usually made up of letters and numbers) that Websites (so-called 'first party') visited by the User or different Websites or web servers (so-called 'third party') place and store on a terminal device ('Device') used by the User while browsing (e.g. PC, tablet, smartphone or any other device capable of storing information).

Web beacons: small images, also known as 'pixel tags' or ‘clear GIFs', which may be included in websites, services, apps, messages and tools. In general, they work in the same way as cookies to identify Users and their activities.

Similar technologies: technologies that store data in the browser or device using locally shared objects or local storage, such as flash cookies, HTML 5 cookies and other web application software methods. These technologies work on all browsers. In some cases, the use of local storage cannot be fully managed by browsers, but requires management by specific tools. The Company also uses these technologies to store information useful for creating targeted advertising on its own or on other websites.

The terms ‘cookies’ and ‘similar technologies’ will be used indiscriminately in this cookie policy to refer to all technologies used to store data in the User’s browser or Device or technologies that collect data or can identify the User while browsing.

2.   What are the different categories of cookies?

Cookies categorised according to their duration

Cookies can remain on a Device for the duration of a session (i.e. until the User closes the browser used to access the Website or stops using a Service) and are called session cookies; or they may remain for long periods and may contain a unique identifier and are called persistent cookies.

Cookies categorised according to the cookie Owner

Cookies may be owned by the operator of the Website and the Service (which is the Company) and, therefore, installed by the latter on the User's Device. In these cases, these are known as first-party cookies; or it may happen that a website contains cookies from other sites, owned by third party subjects, such as suppliers, and contained in various elements hosted on the Website itself (e.g. advertising banners, images, videos, etc.). In these cases, these involve third-party cookies.

Cookies categorised according to purpose

Cookies can be installed on the User's Device to:

  • ensure operation of the Website and Services, and to ensure the User is able to take advantage of their functionalities, known as technical cookies;
  • allow us to improve the performance of the Website and our Services and to evaluate the effectiveness of a service offered through the Website, known as analytical cookies; and
  • allow the Company or our partners to direct advertising targeted at, or in line with, the User's interests, with prior consent, known as profiling cookies.

3.   What types of cookies are used and what is their purpose?

Technical cookies that allow the Website and Services to function correctly

The Company uses technical cookies to allow Users to navigate around the Website, use the Services and to take advantage of the various functionalities (such as accessing reserved areas of the Website and Services, remembering User choices, etc.). Without these cookies, the Services requested, such as the use of the media player, cannot be provided. For this reason, technical cookies do not require User consent to be installed on Devices.

First-party analytical cookies that analyse performance and improve the Website and Services

Subject to the User's consent, the Company uses its own, i.e. first-party analytical cookies to analyse performance and to improve the performance of the Website and Services. These cookies collect information about how the User navigates the Website and uses the Services (e.g. pages visited, online contractual process interrupted), and allow us to recognise the User and record the User's behaviour by identifying, for example, which aspects of the Website and Services are of most interest to the User or whether the User can easily find the information he or she wants.

In addition, the Company may use so-called tracking scripts with functionalities similar to those of analytical cookies in order to carry out random analyses of User behaviour on the Website (e.g. mouse movements and positioning on the Website and its contents). The information gathered is solely for the purpose of aggregate analysis not based on the User’s personal data (e.g. IP, MAC address etc.).

Third-party analytical cookies for analysis and improvement of the Website and Services

The Company also uses analytical cookies from third parties (i.e. suppliers) to process analyses of how Users navigate the Website, the number of pages visited or the number of clicks made on a page while browsing a website. These analyses are based solely on aggregate information and do not concern any individual User. The reason for using this type of cookie is the need for the Company and Company partners to pursue each of the purposes described in the cookie centre (such as, for example, evaluating the performance of ads, content, selecting customised content, or developing and refining products). The Company has conducted the appropriate assessments concerning the non-prevalence of the User’s interests and rights over the Company's interest in pursuing these purposes, which are available upon request. Each User may, in any case, object to the Company’s use of this type of cookie directly from the cookie centre or in the other ways set out in the dedicated section of this policy.

Third-party profiling cookies

The Company makes use of suppliers in order to show, on third-party websites, advertising communications concerning the Website and the Services and to allow these suppliers to show advertising content related to the preferences of the User who has visited the Website or used a Service. To enable this activity, third-party profiling cookies are installed with the express consent of the User via the cookie centre.

For example, these cookies are used by suppliers to show the User, when visiting other websites, banners advertising the Company’s products or services and of interest to the User or similar to those displayed, including on the basis of the User’s browsing history.

Detailed information on cookies

The User may access the cookie centre at any time in order to access detailed information relating to each cookie used by the Website (e.g. details of third parties, retention of information acquired), to manage consents relating to each type of cookie (in particular, to provide or revoke them) and/or to object to the use of cookies on the basis of the legitimate interest of the Company.

To better understand the descriptions contained therein:

  • the term ‘advertising partners' (or vendors) means third-party advertisers with whom the publisher has chosen to collaborate. Vendors display third-party content on the Website. For instance, they place marketing cookies on the browsers of Users in order to display the most relevant advertising to potential customers;
  • the term publisher refers to digital media that publish content on the Internet (e.g. the Company). In general, publishers represent the first party: the Website that the User is trying to access, i.e.


Cookie name Purpose Cookie type Duration Cookie source and owner Information recorded Cases when it is used Access to information
BIGipServerLBA-OPENSSO, BIGipServerPASSWORD, TS37032a, TS37f814,TS5c16bc, TS96e1ec, TSfbb549, fedtarget, oslight, qslight, fedtarget, AMAuthCookie, amlbcookie, RELING Allows Website services to be delivered more effectively to users who are logged-in Technical cookies End of the session alphanumeric User authentication Eni
BX,B,xb Allows Flickr to deliver its personalised services Third-party cookies 2 years - All pages that activate a channel with Flickr flickr yahoo
JSESSIONID Allows the user’s session to be recognised Technical cookies End of the session Unique session identifier Entire website Eni
PREF, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, GEUP, YSC It allows YouTube to personalise its services according to the videos viewed by the user on the website. Third-party cookies end of the session/8 months/2 years depending on the type of cookie - All pages activating a channel with YouTube YouTube
NID,PREF Allows Google to deliver its personalised services. Third-party cookies 6 months/2 years - Entire website Google
bcookie, bscookie, lidc Allows LinkedIn to deliver its personalised services. Third-party cookies 1 day/2 years depending on the cookie - Other social media LinkedIn
__atuvc, uit, uid, di2, dt, loc,__atuvs Allows sharing of website content on social networks Third-party cookies 2 years/1 month depending on the cookie addthis - Entire website AddThis
eni_mobile_2014_yes,eni_mobile_2014_no After the user has chosen whether to navigate the website on a mobile device or desktop pc, the preference is retained for subsequent accesses Technical cookies 1 month yes / no When accessing the Eni homepage from a mobile browser Eni
info Allows the short cookie policy to be viewed once while browsing Technical cookies End of the session yes entire website Eni
infopermanent, accept, WTLOPTOUT Allows the retention of user preferences on analytical cookies Technical cookies End of the session 1/yes cookie policy page Eni
_ga Used to differentiate users Technical / analytical cookies 2 years alphanumeric Navigation Eni
_gid Used to differentiate users Technical / analytical cookies 24 hours alphanumeric Navigation Eni
_gat Used to limit the request speed. Distributed by Google Tag Manager, this cookie will be named _dc_gtm_ Technical / analytical cookies 1 minute alphanumeric Navigation Eni
fr Facebook's main advertising cookie, used for the publication, measurement and improvement of the relevance of advertising to users. 3rd party 90 days User and browser ID, time stamp, various other data Profiling / Advertising Facebook
ddid Used to open a specific point in an advertiser's app upon installation 3rd party 28 days Object ID and App ID Profiling / Advertising Facebook
_fbc Used to publish, measure and improve the relevance of advertising 3rd party 90 days Subdomain index, time stamp, Facebook click ID Profiling / Advertising Facebook
_fbp Identifies browsers in order to provide advertising and statistical data services on the website 3rd party 90 days Subdomain index, time stamp, random number Profiling / Advertising Facebook
oo Used to record the deactivations of advertising 3rd party 5 years 1 or 0 Profiling / Advertising Facebook
NID, SID Used to contribute to personalising ads in Google properties, such as Google Search. In this way, personalised advertising can be displayed on Google. 3rd party 2 years Recent Searches, interactions with ads, search results and website visits Profiling / Advertising Google
__gcl Measure conversions after ad clicks 3rd party 2 years How often clicks on an ad are followed by transactions on the advertiser's website Profiling / Advertising Google and third-party websites
AID, DSID, TAID, FLC, exchange_uid Synchronising ads on different devices and quantifying any conversion events 3rd party 2 years, Activities recorded on different devices Profiling / Advertising Google
ANID Storing information and preferences of web pages containing Google services 3rd party 2 years Information and preferences Profiling / Advertising Google
__gads,__gac Set on the websites the user is visiting, they are not read by Google because they are not set on Google domains. They quantify interactions with ads in a given domain to avoid the same ad being shown to the same user too many times. 3rd party 2 years Interactions with ads Profiling / Advertising third-party websites
UserMatchHistory LinkedIn ID ADS synchronisation 3rd party 30 days - Profiling / Advertising LinkedIn
li_sugr Identifies the browser 3rd party 3 months - Profiling / Advertising LinkedIn
BizographicsOptOut Determines opt-out status for third-party websites 3rd party 10 years - Profiling / Advertising LinkedIn and third-party websites
_guid Identifies the browser for Google ADS 3rd party 3 months - Profiling / Advertising LinkedIn and Google
li-oatml Identifies members for conversion analysis and retargeting 3rd party 1 month - Profiling / Advertising LinkedIn
bcookie Browser ID cookie 3rd party 2 years - Profiling / Advertising LinkedIn
bscookie Secure Browser Cookies 3rd party 2 years - Profiling / Advertising LinkedIn
lang Set the default local language 3rd party One session - Profiling / Advertising LinkedIn
lidc Used for routing 3rd party 1 day - Profiling / Advertising LinkedIn
nmstat Allows the collection of statistics on use of the website by the visitor Technical / analytical cookies Persistent - expires after 1000 days - Visitor navigation data analysis Eni
AWSELB / AWSELBCOR Allows the sequence of a user's page views to be determined which is necessary for functionalities such as behavioural monitoring and channelling Technical / analytical cookies End of the session [accountID]. - Visitor navigation data analysis Eni

4.   Who is the personal data collected through the use of cookies disclosed to?

In general, the Company does not disclose the User’s personal data collected through the use of first-party cookies to third parties.

However, the use of third-party cookies may result in the disclosure of personal data collected while navigating our Website, or use of our Services, to the third parties to which the third-party cookies belong.

In order to access detailed information on these third parties, the User can access our cookie centre at any time. Communication will only be carried out with the User's consent, which is expressed through the cookie centre.

5.   How long is the personal data collected through the use of cookies retained?

In general, personal data collected through the use of cookies will be stored for as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose for which each cookie was installed.

In order to access specific information regarding the storage of information acquired through the use of first-party and third-party cookies, the User may access our cookie centre at any time.

6.   Will the User’s personal data collected through the use of cookies be transferred outside the European Union?

Personal data collected through first-party cookies used by the Company will not be transferred to third-party companies in countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. Where such a transfer is necessary to pursue our purposes, we shall take all necessary measures to ensure an adequate level of protection of personal data (e.g. Standard Contractual Clauses, adequacy decisions).

For detailed information on the possible transfer of personal data to third-party companies in countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area resulting from the use of third-party cookies, the User can consult the specific third-party disclosures via the relevant links in our cookie centre.

7. What are the User’s rights and how can the User personalise their choices regarding the use of cookies?

User rights and managing cookie choices

The User is granted the rights provided by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (‘GDPR’), such as the right of access, objection, erasure, as well as the right to change the choices expressed on the use of cookies at any time, through our cookie centre, where it is also possible for the User, at any time, to review the status of the consents previously given.

More specifically, the User may at any time revoke or give consent to the installation and use of each cookie that requires it, or object to the installation or subsequent use of cookies that the Company and third parties manage on the basis of legitimate interest, through our cookie centre     (also available by clicking on the 'Manage your preferences' icon on each page of this Website).

To obtain detailed information on Users’ rights under the GDPR and how to exercise them, please read the Privacy Policy.

Disabling cookies from the browser

In addition to disabling cookies via the cookie centre, as illustrated above, Users can configure their browser to restrict the number of cookies accepted or block all cookies by changing their browser settings as follows:

Microsoft Edge

Click on the three dot menu icon displayed in the top right-hand corner and select 'Settings'. In the pop-up window, select 'privacy, search, and services'. Here the User can change their cookie settings.

Link: edge://settings/privacy

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Click on the 'Tools' icon in the top right-hand corner and select 'Internet Options'. In the pop-up window, select 'Privacy'. Here the User can change their cookie settings.


Google Chrome

Click on the spanner icon in the top right-hand corner and select 'Settings'. Now select ‘Display advanced settings' and change the settings under ‘Privacy’


Mozilla Firefox

From the drop-down menu in the top left-hand corner, select 'Options'. In the pop-up window, select 'Privacy'. Here the User can adjust their cookie settings



From the drop-down settings menu in the top right-hand corner, select 'Preferences'. Select 'Security' and here the User can adjust their cookie settings


8. Who is the data controller and what are the contact details of our Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

The data controller is Versalis S.p.A. with registered office in San Donato, Piazza Boldrini, 1, who can be contacted at the following email address: or via the other methods indicated in the Privacy Policy.

The Company has appointed a Data Protection Officer, who can be contacted by email at