Product sustainability

From research to development, we ensure the sustainability of our products at every stage.

We continuously improve the environmental sustainability profile of our products by extending the analysis of the impact on the environment to the research, development and production phases. To do this, we use internationally standardised methodologies such as LCA analysis. We have obtained internationally recognised certifications for Versalis products, attesting to their sustainability.

LCA analysis

We have LCAs (Life Cycle Assessments) for new projects related, for example, to chemical recycling, and new products such as the Versalis Revive® product range.

Internally conducted LCAs are then subject to critical review by an external, independent certification body.


Product certifications for the Versalis Revive® range

The content of secondary raw materials in Versalis Revive® products and the origin of the recycled plastic materials used are verified and certified through robust management and traceability systems. The certifications obtained by Versalis are:

  • Plastica seconda vita – PSV (Second Life Plastic) a certification scheme developed by the Institute for the Promotion of Plastics for Recycling (Istituto per la Promozione delle Plastiche da Riciclo - IPPR), for Versalis Revive® PE, PS and EPS
  • Recyclass, a certification scheme developed by Plastic Recyclers Europe, for the Versalis Revive® EPS range

ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) certifications


Our production of Balance® grades is ISCC PLUS certified, a certification scheme that allows the production of materials and chemicals with sustainable characteristics using the Mass Balance approach. This method allows the assignment of sustainable characteristics of alternative raw materials to end products, even when physical separation between alternative and traditional raw materials is not possible.

For all production sites, Versalis achieved ISCC PLUS certification by also applying the voluntary Add-on 205-01 'GHG emission requirements' through the development of an independently verified third-party calculation tool. The tool allows for the particular Balance ® grade to assess the greenhouse gas emissions released by the entire supply chain up to the Versalis gate.

Certified products include monomers and intermediates (ethylene, propylene, benzene, styrene, butadiene, phenol, acetone, cyclohexanone and KA oil), polyethylene (LDPE, EVA, HDPE, LLDPE), styrenic polymers (PS, HIPS, SAN, EPS, ABS), and elastomers (SBR, BR, EPDM, TPR, NBR, latex).

In addition, Finproject, a Versalis Group company, has obtained ISCC PLUS certification for its production sites in Ascoli Piceno, Castorano and Ancarano for the production of technical items for the footwear and fashion sectors from alternative raw materials.


Our Crescentino plant has obtained ISCC EU certification for the production of ethanol from residual biomass for use in the fuel sector. The ISCC EU certification is recognised by the European Commission for the attestation of the sustainable characteristics of biofuels marketed in the European market and allows for the complete traceability of the entire production supply chain, starting from biomass. This certification scheme is developed by ISCC in accordance with the European Directive 2018/2001/EU (RED II), which establishes sustainability and greenhouse gas emission reduction criteria for biofuels.