Our ISCC PLUS certified Balance® products

ISCC PLUS-certified Balance® products are 'Bio Attributed (BA)' and 'Bio-Circular Attributed (BCA)' when made from bio naphtha, and 'Circular attributed (CA)' if made from 'recycled oil' (r-Oil), the pyrolysis oil obtained from the chemical recycling process of mixed plastic waste materials.

BA, BCA and CA raw materials can be used in production processes together with conventional raw materials. To attribute sustainable characteristics to the final product, we applied the Mass Balance approach, a recognised methodology that guarantees a match between the sustainability characteristic of the alternative raw materials, mixed with traditional naphtha, and that of the final product.

BA, BCA and CA products guarantee identical performance, quality and properties, as they do not differ in chemical composition and physical-mechanical performance from standard products.

We have obtained ISCC PLUS certification to produce monomers, intermediates, polymers (polyethylene and styrenics) and elastomers made from sustainable raw materials, from bio naphtha and from chemical recycling, at all production sites, with the exception of the Crescentino plant, which has obtained ISCC EU certification.

ISCC PLUS is part of the ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) certification scheme. It is voluntary in nature and allows companies throughout the supply chain to monitor and be able to demonstrate the sustainability of their products by checking sustainability, traceability and mass balance requirements.

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