Continuous improvement

An ever-changing market

We invest approximately 15% of our resources in research to optimise established processes and improve the performance and formulations of the products in our portfolio. These projects are indispensable, for example, to follow market requirements, to expand the pool of chemicals and additives suppliers or to reduce operating costs. This is what we are working on:

  • Intermediates: we are working to increase the performance of production facilities, both Versalis-owned and licensed plants
  • Polyethylene: we constantly aim to maintain and improve the energy performance of our plants. In this context, we are modifying formulations to increase capacity and solve possible plant problems.
  • Styrenics: we are making our proprietary technologies more efficient by implementing new control systems on site to improve formulations. This means not only reducing costs but also using fewer substances, such as additives, aiming to a more conscious consumption.
  • Elastomers: we are working on improving the quality of our products and on reducing the impact on the environment of synthetic rubber production technological platforms, with the aim of improving the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of processes in terms of lowering CO2 emissions