Two new grades in the Pharmalene family

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1 min read

The Pharmalene® product range is growing and including elastomers.

These products are thermoplastic elastomers, in particular hydrogenated styrene/butadiene block copolymers (SEBS), manufactured by Versalis with proprietary technology at the Ravenna plant (Italy).


The two new Pharmalene® grades, SOL TH 2312 MED and SOL TH 2315 MED, have achieved the compliance with ISO 10993-5 standard (cytotoxicity by elution test) resulting not-cytotoxic.

SOL TH 2312 MED and SOL TH 2315 MED have linear structure, 30% styrene and respectively medium and high molecular weight. Thanks to their characteristics, these grades can be used in thermoplastic compounds for medical applications.

For further information: info.elastomers@versalis.eni.com