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Alliance to End Plastic Waste 2022 Progress Report

Versalis aims to play a key role in the virtuous path to sustainability and decarbonisation. In this context, we are strongly committed to accelerating the transition towards a sustainable and low-emission business model. We are pursuing a complementary approach in managing industrial processes and products along the entire life cycle. This model is based on the development of innovative technological platforms for chemicals production, circularity, biodegradable and compostable bioplastics and biochemicals. Plastic waste is a high value-added resource to be revived and re-inserted into the production cycle. With this strategic goal, our emphasis is on developing mechanical and chemical recycling technologies. We can effectively reduce the amount of plastic waste and successfully satisfy the requirements of all final applications by leveraging the respective strengths of the two technologies. This bold vision is already becoming a reality thanks to our first advanced mechanical recycling complex of post-consumer plastics in Porto Marghera (Italy) and the first chemical recycling demonstration plant in Mantua (Italy), the Hoop® project, to be soon constructed. To increase circularity, we have started using packaging made from recycled raw materials by setting up two projects for the recovering and recycling of the industrial polyethylene packaging sacks and liners, putting them back into the system. The Alliance to End Plastic Waste is a unique opportunity to join forces of the whole value chain and collaborate developing concrete solutions to address plastic waste and marine pollution’s issues.


Adriano Alfani, Chief Executive Officer, Versalis (Eni)