The coating produced using renewable raw materials up to 100%.

Napaco® is the result of years of research and development, in collaboration with SIPOL®, an Italian Polymers Company that produces co-polyesters and co-polyamides for thermoplastic adhesives, engineering polymers and biodegradable polymers, aimed at creating an advanced solution to enhance sustainability in the packaging industry. It is a family of aliphatic polyesters and copolyesters, based on 1,4 butanediol, succinic acid, and azelaic acid from renewable sources. The production process involves a polycondensation reaction with an industrial catalyst to produce a highly performing material, for coating application on paper.

Napaco® is marketed exclusively by Versalis.

Benefits of Napaco®:


Napaco® can be produced with renewable raw materials up to 100%.

Certified Compostability

Napaco® has been certified as a compostable material according to international packaging standards (EN 13432). This means that, at the end of its life cycle, it can be sustainably disposed of through composting. The final products (trays, bowls, etc.) can be disposed of differently depending on usage conditions: for items contaminated with food (oils, inseparable liquids), the natural end-of-life is organic waste disposal; for products not contaminated by food or other substances, the end-of-life consists of separate collection as they are primarily made of paper.

Versatility in Use

Napaco® can be used in existing extrusion facilities by adjusting the extrusion process conditions in terms of temperature profiles and flow rates to produce bioplastic coatings on paper with thicknesses in the range of 10-20 microns, similar to those achieved with traditional plastics.

Napaco® is not just an innovative material but also a significant step towards a more sustainable future.