From vegetable waste sources to a resource for innovative and increasingly sustainable applications.

Twice® is a natural polymer based on lignin derived from non-food lignocellulosic biomass, obtained at the Crescentino (VC) using the proprietary technology PROESA®, that preserves the native characteristics of lignin without significantly altering its structure and chemical composition.

Twice® is available in various commercial grades with different moisture levels and dimensional characteristics depending on the final application.

The main chemical and functional properties of Twice® are:

  • Low sulfur content
  • Low ash content
  • Lignin content higher than 60%
  • High antioxidant power
  • UV screening capability
  • High thermal stability

Twice® is highly versatile for different applications, allowing its use in various fields:

  • Thermoplastic material compounds characterized by natural coloration and an aesthetic effect similar to wood
  • Modified bitumen with renewable content
  • Anti-fouling paints
  • Polymeric blends with antioxidant power
  • Formulations for use in agronomic applications with fertilizing, amending*, and growth-promoting action

*Amendments consist of various substances, both natural and synthetic, mineral and organic, capable of modifying and enhancing the chemical, physical, biological, and mechanical characteristics of soil. Their primary effect is to improve soil structure and maintain soil fertility.