Versalis For 2023

Our commitment to sustainability is a priority that guides all our activities and strategies


Our Sustainability Report 2023

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At Versalis, Eni's chemical company, we are engaged in a path of great transformation towards an increasingly sustainable chemistry of the future based on product specialization, focused on circularity and bio-chemistry, with the aim of achieving our decarbonisation targets, developing complementary recycling processes, acquiring a greater presence in downstream markets and a leadership position in renewable chemistry.

Our commitment to sustainability is a priority that guides all our activities and strategic decisions.

In this new edition of the Sustainability Report,  “Versalis For 2023”,  we present a complete overview of the initiatives undertaken and the results achieved. In particular, we talk about:

  • Decarbonisation: a decarbonisation plan with objectives aiming at emission reduction over the short, medium and long term, supported by a series of decarbonisation levers and a solid dedicated governance structure.
  • Chemistry from renewable raw materials: strategic line of great importance, based on innovation, further strengthened and integrated thanks to the acquisition of Novamont, which allowed us to create a highly integrated technological platform capable of expressing potential in terms of innovation and industrial scale of absolute importance.
  • Circular Economy: development of innovative solutions, in close collaboration with partners and players in the supply chain, aimed at valorising plastic waste as a new resource for the creation of a circular market, developing complementary recycling technologies and using alternative raw materials for the creation of increasingly sustainable products.
  • Specialization: specialization of products with the aim of growing in the highest value market sectors and getting to increasing sustainability, through portfolio rationalization and downstream integration.

We continue to firmly believe in our strategy, maintaining our priorities in safeguarding the health and safety of our employees, in order to guarantee a safe workplace with the best environmental quality standards for each of us and for those who every day go along with us on the transition journey.

From the message to stakeholders from the Versalis Chairman and CEO
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