Versalis Revive® ABS

Versalis Revive® ABS is the new gamma of compact copolymers containing secondary raw material. The high level of purity of recycled ABS and the use of specific Versalis virgin styrenic polymers lead to a compound containing recycled ABS, ensuring performances that match the needs of multiple applications.

Within Versalis Revive® family, Versalis Revive® ABS is developed in collaboration with European companies leader in the recovery and recycling of post-consumer and post-industrial plastics. Through a specialized supply chain, it is possible to separate the fraction of ABS coming from waste products from converters and / or WEEE recovery chain.

The Versalis Revive® ABS portfolio consists of one product:


Versalis Revive® ABS contains 70% rps from post-consumer industrial waste and it is designed for injection moulded applications.