Versalis Revive® ESBR

Versalis Revive® ESBR grades are SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) elastomers produced from used tyres. We signed a joint development agreement with Bridgestone EMIA, a leader in advanced mobility solutions, for research, production and supply of synthetic rubber with advanced properties.

The agreement is based on an Open Innovation model, i.e. complementary activities between the R&D divisions of the two companies. We will leverage the expertise of the Ravenna and Ferrara, research centres, while Bridgestone will involve its European Technical Centre near Rome.

Elastomers produced by Versalis are used in the premium market segment, distinguished by properties that guarantee high tyre performance in terms of dry handling and wet grip. They are also characterised by being less susceptible to abrasion, which ensures greater durability, resulting in a more sustainable product that can reduce raw materials consumption in the long term.

Versalis Revive® ESBR technical features

 Mooney Viscosity Bound Styrene % w Oil content % wt ELT Micronized powder % wt
12D02 60 23.5 12
17023 70 23.5 25 17