Versalis Revive® DVC

Versalis Revive® DVC grades are made from 100% recycled material thanks to a partnership with AGR, a Turin-based company that owns a technology for devulcanization of post-consumer elastomers.

Devulcanization is the process of selectively breaking chemical bonds to turn solid rubber objects, usually granules, into a workable, mouldable form, ready to be reused in the production of new products such as tyres or gaskets.

The agreement between Versalis and AGR aims to pool their respective expertise to develop and market a new range of elastomer-based products made from granulated rubber from post-consumer products, meeting the growing circular economy needs of tyre and other rubber goods manufacturers.

The project involves our research centre laboratories in Ravenna and Ferrara, as well as the equipment necessary for the fine-tuning, both in formulation and technology, of the specific applications identified. AGR will make its technological platform available at its plant in Cumiana (Turin).

The initiative will be developed in cooperation with the EcoTyre Consortium, which manages a national network for the collection and treatment of ELTs (End-of-Life Tyres) from which granulated rubber can be obtained.

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