Versalis Revive® PE

The Versalis Revive® PE products are low- and high-density polyethylene-based compounds containing up to 100% post-consumer plastic (depending on the grade) mainly from the recycling of packaging from domestic and urban post-consumer waste collection, and/or from trade and industry supply chains. 

These products guarantee performances capable of meet the requirements of multiple applications, in particular in the agricultural sector for drip irrigation, in the packaging sector even for small containers such as up to 5 litres, and are also suitable for film applications such as sacks for industrial products or for mineral water. 

These products have been co-developed by Versalis R&D Center of Mantua and Montello spa, a leading company in Europe in the plastic waste recovery and recycling technologies, where the product range is produced.

Versalis Revive®  is being expanded with new products that R&D has been developing.

The portfolio is divided as follows:

  • COM 75 LF1 H: LLDPE/LDPE-based compound containing 75% post-consumer plastic from trade and industry, suitable for processing with blown film technology for the production of films for various secondary or tertiary packaging uses, where optical properties are required (e.g. shrink film, bags, caps, silage film)
  • 100 HD SERIES FOREVER: HDPE-based compound containing 100% post-consumer plastic, suitable for processing by extrusion technology for the production of irrigation pipes and blown film for the production of various films for industrial product packaging. 100 HD SERIES FOREVER is also suitable for use with blow-moulding technology for the production of canisters for industrial and household chemical products, giving it a good stress-cracking value